Pictures From NJQ3, Sept 3-6, 1999

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Wench-working the sign-in area Command Central the room-part 1 the room-part 2 the room-part 3 Nito really came! [CYA] Clan You Asshole! [R2]Hobbit Ermac and Guru Disco ball   Matrix        Respect my authority! Mopar makes another pitcher of margaritas! Matrix! Take human bites for God's sake! sleeping area...or Jonestown massacre? OMG! Matrix SLEPT! Beavis slept-ALOT! someone guarding his pr0n collection Matrix-before his morning cappuccino Red Baron and PiXie checking in with Wench Scablord watches Guru format his harddrive Mopar TRIES to dodge PiXie's rocket a rare picture of Beavis awake and not at Applebee's [CYA]'s MadCelt and Rissy PiXie shows Pops her TF skillz Nect and Matrix won EVERGLIDE mouse pads

All images on this page courtesy of Mopar and Wench



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