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Quake; Authorized Strategy Guide   by Ronald Wartow

 This earth-shattering guide to Quake, the true sequel to DOOM, is sure to make some heads spin. It's loaded with detailed level maps, critical paths, all Quake cheats, and strategies for mulitplayer games. It's got all you need to take control of these halls of terror-and win the game! Loaded with critical paths, all Quake cheats, and strategies for multiplayer games. Includes every level map, plus all secret levels

Official Quake II : Strategies & Secrets   by Dennis "Thresh" Fong, Kenn "Spear" Hwang, and Jonathan Mendoza

 The first half of the book completely walks through the single-player game revealing the tips and secrets you might expect. Quake II Official Strategies & Secrets also describes all eight units of the game, the levels that comprise each unit, all of the new and scary monsters, and the weapons you'll find to annihilate them. The real gem of this book is Thresh's Multiplayer Strategy guide, which on its own is an excellent offering in a sea of game guides.

Half-Life : Prima's Official Strategy Guide    by Joe Grant Bell

  With a wealth of information, statistics, and gameplay guidelines, this book can help turn any fledgling scientist into a battle-hardened killing machine in no time. In addition to descriptions of the weapons you'll find and the enemies you'll have to use them against, the book offers advice on basic first-person shooter tactics (how to circle-strafe, for example). A full-fledged walk-through of the game includes plenty of maps (more than 100 in all) and screen shots to help illustrate the best path to take. A brief section on multiplayer Half-Life rounds out this impressive guide.

Unreal : Prima's Official Strategy Guide    by Joe Grant Bell

Walk quietly, carry a big gun, and play dead! With Prima's Official Guide to Unreal you get a walkthrough of every level; detailed statistics on every monster, weapon, and item; and single-and multiplayer combat tactics. You'll also find essential cheat codes you need to survive in an alien world!

ForsakenW95 Strategy Guide   by Jeff Gomez

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Shogo; Mobile Armor Division Official Strategies & Secrets   by Mark H. Walker, Kenneth "Spear" Hwang

 Monolith's Shogo is one of the best first-person action games of the year. By combining anime-style artwork with a rich, intricate story and exceptionally well-designed levels, Shogo is certain to develop its own hard-core following among gamers. But the game is as challenging as it is impressive, so Sybex has compiled a solid guide for those gamers who need a helping hand. The book starts out with a list of the game's cheat codes--for those of you who just can't wait for such things. After that, you'll get a breakdown of the various mechas in the game, both friendly and otherwise. Every weapon is described in detail, along with each of the game's main characters. The book also includes a complete mission-by-mission walkthrough, which even guides you through the game's plot-branching points so that all of the bases are covered no matter how you decide to play the game. --Michael Ryan

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Prima's Official Strategy Guide    by Michael Knight

 Tom Clancy is the master of military action. In Rainbow Six, you lead his elite multinational task force in a battle against international terrorism. To succeed in this treacherous mission you will need Primas Official Strategy Guide. Inside you will find everything you need to concoct an effective plan and lead a terrifying assault, including backgrounds on the 20 special operatives from which you can choose your team, expert information for all 16 unique missions, specs for all weapons, details of all locations, and multiplayer tips and tactics.

StarCraft Multiplayer Strategies & Secrets    by Bryant Fong, Gamers Extreme, Bob Colayco

 StarCraft Multiplayer: Unofficial Strategies & Secrets focuses specifically on StarCraft's multiplayer mode instead of trying to cover every aspect and feature of the game. Penned by Gamers Extreme, a group of well-known hard-core game players (such as Dennis "Thresh" Fong, who cowrote the Sybex guide to Quake II), the book begins with a great introduction to Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment's free online gaming service and the (primary) Internet home of StarCraft. The guide then moves on to the actual nitty-gritty of gameplay, highlighting basic tactics and in-depth, race-specific strategies that will help you win no matter what race you play as--or against. --Michael Ryan


Quake   by id Software

 Why is Quake so popular? For starters, Quake comes to us from the same folks who created DOOM, which hit the computer game scene five years ago--forever changing desktops and hindering productivity levels around the world. Quake is similar to DOOM, but many times better. In Quake, the 3-D worlds are far more intricate and engaging, the monsters are more realistic (well, as realistic as leaping, sharp-toothed demons can be), and fans can play the game over the Internet.  You'll find one of the largest and most committed (in more ways than one) online gaming communities. There are around-the-clock deathmatch opportunities, hundreds of custom levels, and clans of expert killers waiting to gib you into the wee hours. Whether multiplayer or single player, Quake is exciting, addictive, and consistently gruesome.

Quake II   by id Software

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Unreal   by GT Interactive

 Unreal, featuring some of the best graphics PC gamers have ever seen, drops players onto the surface of a hostile alien world. After surviving a crash landing, players must then battle hordes of evil Skaarj in order to escape--assuming they survive.

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